Instructions to create fake virus troll friends

Those of you who are following Anonyviet must be no stranger to what Virus is, right? Viruses are basically harmful and you hardly want to encounter it, do you? So if you want to create a fake virus to troll your friends, how about you without endangering their computer but still looking cool? Come with me to find out now!

Create fake virus for what?

Most of the brothers who study technology like to tease others, right? I am quite fond of teasing others using what I have learned or using technology to troll is also quite fun. And creating fake viruses is also one of the “games” that I quite like. You can sit back and watch your friends “deal” with them and possibly turn yourself into a savior and “fix” their computer. Creating fake viruses is quite effective for trolling new computer users. At the same time, you can use this method to get rid of your crush, which is also an effective way

Instructions for creating fake viruses

In today’s post, I will show you how to create a virus that displays the following 3 types of errors: Blue screen of death, Broken monitor and Kernel Panic on the website to troll everyone!

Viruses on windows

Talking about this website, the website that I will use today is called Happy Hour Virus to create a fake virus to troll friends. This website will play a video that looks like the machine is infected / showing signs of damage and automatically enters full screen mode and unless you use their shortcut or browser shortcut you cannot get rid of it. This is extremely suitable for trolling freshmen who are new to computers.

Fake Blue Screen of death

All you need to do is tell your friend to stay away from their computer and you can start working on “malicious” and watching drama.

Step 1: After your target leaves the computer, turn on their computer, go to the browser and go to the Happy Hour Code website here

Step 2: After entering, you notice the section below, it gives you 3 options and you just need to click on 1 of 3 options. Options include:

Happy hour virus

  • Blue Screen Of Death: Blue screen is an error message screen displayed on Windows after the system encounters a fatal system error. Please use this if the victim’s computer is Windows

Blue screen of death

  • Broken Monitor: display the screen showing signs of error, damaged color points (pixels)
  • Kernel panic: is a safety measure taken by the operating system’s kernel when a fatal internal error is detected where it cannot be safely recovered or continued running the system risks data loss. whether larger. For this method, you should use the machine with the operating system is Linux or MacOS

Kernel panic

Step 3: You wait for your friend to come back and wait for the Drama. To exit these screens, press ESC or alt + f4

Tips: you can turn off Alt + f4 to avoid them clicking this combination. This way to increase the success rate of watching your drama

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