Instructions to install Qv2Ray to Hack 4G on Windows

The topic of Hack 4G is still very hot in online communities and technology sharing forums. For those of you who have ever hacked 4G on your phone, you must have once wanted to use that 4G hack on your computer, right? So today I will guide you to run V2ray files through Qv2Ray!

Qv2Ray – software to connect to V2ray files

Qv2Ray User Manual

Many of you have read Anonyviet’s article, you probably already know what V2ray is (You can see more V2ray here). Then you can use Qv2Ray to connect to servers used to hack 4G like you use them on your phone.

Features of Qv2ray include:

  • Runs on cross-platform
  • Connection support:
    • VMess
    • VLESS
    • SSR
    • Trojan
    • Trojan-Go
    • NaiveProxy
    • HTTP
    • HTTPS
    • SOCKS5

And now I will guide you how to install and how to use it to run 4G files!

Instructions to hack 4G on computers through Qv2Ray


  • Computer running Windows or MacOS or Linux
  • Sim used is Viettel Sim

Documents to read

Installation Instructions

Now I will guide you to install on 2 operating systems: Windows and Linux.

Note: Currently the software has paused development. The link below this article is the link of that final version. If an error occurs, you can visit here and download the software. The current version I use is 2.7.0

Setup on Windows

Step 1: You can download it through git’s repo here

Download Qv2ray on github

Step 2: Run the downloaded file

Run file

Step 3: Install as normal program


Setup on Linux

Step 1: You proceed to download the software here

Or you proceed to open Terminal and run the following command:

File Qv2Ray

Step 2: You proceed to grant permissions to the software with the following command:

sudo chmod a+x [Tên file]

According to the example:

sudo chmod a+x Qv2ray-v2.7.0-linux-x64.AppImage 

Note: Remember to use the command CD to change the directory to the directory containing the installation file

Step 3: Run the file on Terminal

./[tên file]

By example:


User manual

Step 1: You click the Import button on Qv2Ray

Import files into Qv2Ray

Step 2: You paste the scan link from the QR code like step 14 of this article into the share link section

Example of link: vmess://eyJhZGQiOiI1Mi4yNTMuMTA2LjI2IiwiYWlkIjoiMCIsImhvc3QiOiJsaXZlc3RyZWFtMi50djM2MC52biIsImlkIjoiOWM1MjhlYTctMDBjNi00YWY2LThhNTQtYjZjY2I4ZjhmM2JjIiwibmV0Ijoid3MiLCJwYXRoIjoiLyIsInBvcnQiOiI4MCIsInBzIjoiQW5oIFR1YW4gZnJlZSIsInNjeSI6ImF1dG8iLCJzbmkiOiIiLCJ0bHMiOiJub25lIiwidHlwZSI6IiIsInYiOiIyIn0=

Paste the code into the import field

Step 3: You proceed to modify the header to Host| and run as shown below

Modify the header and run the file

Now you just need to run / play 4g on your computer. If you have difficulty in any step, do not hesitate to leave a comment below this article! Good luck!

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