Instructions to register Domain .XYZ and .DESIGN for free for $0

Porkbun used to give away .design domains for free, but today Porkbun plays big again for users to register for Domain .XYZ and .Design for $0. That is, you do not need to spend any money to still own Domain XYZ and Design to point to hosting. Currently, it is not clear when the program will end, but you should quickly register a domain to use when needed.

Instructions for registering Domain .XYZ for free

Conditions for domain registration .XYZ and .Thiết kế for free you need 1 VISA/Master with at least 1$. After registering you will be deducted $ 1 and refunded 1 second later. If you do not have a VISA, you can create a virtual card in the direction of AnonyViet.

When registering Domain .XYZ you need to access the promotion link to register, if you go to the Porkbun link from the homepage, it will not work. The way to do it guarantees 100% success.

Tip: In case you go to the Link but do not receive the promotion to buy a Domain for $0, please turn off the Internet Router and open it again to get a new IP (No Fake IP or VPN), then open an anonymous browser to proceed with Domain registration. Free XYZ and .DESIGN for $0

  1. Open incognito browser
  2. Visit the promotional link link
  3. Enter Domain XYZ and Design to buy buy domain xyz for free
  4. Click on the sign +
  5. Choose Checkout checkout
  6. Check if the price of Domain XYZ is already Free, if the picture below is successful. reg name xyz design free
  7. Proceed to enter information to create a Porkbun account, according to some sources, the old account will not enjoy the promotion to buy XYZ domain and Design Free. But I can still buy using my old account.
  8. Next to the payment section choose Add Cards. Note that during the payment process you will be minus 1$ and Instant refund So you don’t have to worry about losing money. reg domain xyz design porkbun mien phi

If the payment is successful, you will be redirected to the Domain administrator, now point the Domain to the Hosting/VPS IP to use. Next year’s renewal fee is 9$, and you should turn off Auto Renew, to avoid being deducted next year. Select the button Details -> Turn off Auto Renew

tat auto renew porkbun

That’s it, quickly choose a beautiful, free domain of Porkbun.

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