List of Games that Epic gives away for free every week on Christmas

Like last year’s Giveaway Game, at Christmas this year Epic Games Store will give away free copyrighted games every week. It really is, completely free! You do not need to spend any money can still own a series of copyrighted games that are HOT today.

epic mourning 15 non-Christmas games 2021

Want to know about Epic Games Store’s free Games giving away this week? You’ve come to the right place. To join the Christmas atmosphere, Epic will give you 15 Games to play for free on PC. Just log in to your Epic account every day and add to your Game library, you will own 15 copyrighted games.

If you are not a Gamer, you should also log in to Epic to save the copyright key to your account, because this is a permanent Key, until you need to play, just download the Game.

For the weekly free games, I’m going to make a list of Epic Free Games and Best Free Games on Steam and our Best Browser Games.

Every day there will be a surprise Game given away, so we cannot predict which Game will be. Because Vietnam’s time zone is 8 hours ahead, you can just subtract 8 hours, even though it’s the 18th Game Giveaway has only opened on the 17th.

In this item, I will update the games that are open for free for you to download.

This is a list of 15 games that Epic gives away for free on Christmas 2021

  • December 16 – Shenmue 3
  • December 17 – FUSER add-on Justin Timberlake “Rock Your Body”
  • 12/18 – updating
  • 12/19 – updating
  • 12/20 – updating
  • 21st December – updating
  • 22nd December – updating
  • 23rd December – updating
  • 12/24 – updating
  • 12/25 – updating
  • 12/26 – updating
  • 12/27 – updating
  • 12/28 – updating
  • 12/29 – updating
  • 12/30 – updating

Why does Epic constantly give away copyrighted games?

Epic Games Store tries to surpass Valve’s Steam to rise to the top position in the TOP Website that sells Game copyrights, so they have tried to reach Gamers by giving away free licenses to help bring in a large number of users. for myself.

While Epic has caused some controversy through its aggressive approach to securing PC Game exclusivity for its platform, it’s hard to argue against because it’s still gamers in the best interests.

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