Raven Storm – DDos Toolkit in Python

Raven Storm is a collection of tools that allows you to crash many different protocols from Wifi, devices on your network, Servers, Online Services or even Bluetooth devices. Let’s find out what Raven Storm can do with me!

Raven Storm – DDos toolkit

Raven Storm is developed by Taguar258 on GitHub. Raven Storm is a form of DDos Toolkit, also known as a DDos Toolkit (you can refer to what DDos is in the article GoldenEye – Tool to test the Website’s DOS endurance here). Toolkit is a type of Tool that synthesizes many functions of many other tools and Raven Storm is synthesized from Nmap, Aircrack and BlueZ. Key features of Raven Storm include:

  • Raven Storm includes a tool that allows you to activate it with a shortcut and increase the effectiveness of the tool even more than usual
  • Raven Storm is very effective in knocking down Hosts and Servers
  • Help users understand DDos types (Layer 3, Layer 4, Layer7)
  • Can help users connect with Clients to create Botnet
  • Can attack many different protocols or protocols such as UDP/TCP, ICMP, HTTP, L2CAP, ARP and IEEE.

Modules Raven Strom uses

  • Ping -> L3
  • Service udp/tcp -> L4
  • websites -> L7
  • Nearby devices -> arp
  • Bluetooth devices -> BL
  • Wifi -> Wifi (you need a wifi card that supports RFMON or a USB Wifi that supports Hack Wifi)
  • Botnet -> Server

Attention: Try using L4 if L7 doesn’t work

Some notes before implementation

  • Absolutely do not Dos/DDos Anonyviet and Websites you do not own or manage. Anonyviet will not be responsible for your destructive acts.
  • Only use the Tool to test your system
  • Use this Tool with a moderate number of Threads to avoid instant lag or crashes
  • Using the Tool On Linux Operating Systems

Raven Storm User Manual


You run the following command to install all Tools and software in one command

curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Taguar258/Raven-Storm/master/install.sh | sudo bash -s


To start the Program, you run the following command:

sudo rst

Tool’s interface

Raven Storm interface

I will try to attack the website using Module L7

First enter l7 go to terminal

Raven Storm L7

First you Set target with the following command


After entering, please enter the URL of the website

Website URL

Next Set Threads with the following command


After entering, enter the number of threads you want

To launch run the following command


So, I just showed you how to use Raven Storm DDos Toolkit in python. Did you find this tool useful? Leave a comment below to let me know. See also: How to DDoS Layer 7 with Overload to test the load capacity of the Website here.

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