Review of AZDIGI’s Turbo Business Hosting plan

Today, I was free to walk around the Hosting / VPS market, and I saw that Thach Pham’s AZDIGI side launched a long time ago The Turbo Business Hosting package with the introduction is as strong as, sometimes even more than, the regular VPS. It also sounds eye-catching, I decided to send a free 7-day support ticket to use. And move this Web over there too. After the Setup is complete and the Site is running stably, I give the following evaluations:

What’s good about AZDIGI’s Turbo Business Hosting?

Turbo Business Hosting feature azdigi

What I find good is that according to the advertisement Turbo Business Hosting has the same power, sometimes slightly better than the normal VPS, because the configuration for this Hosting is quite strong. The lowest package of Turbo Business Hosting has 4CPU Core and 6Gb RAM, compared to the KMV VPS I am using, it can be said that this Hosting is superior

Not to mention that at Hosting at Azdigi all use Cpanel and LiteSpeed ​​Webserver copyright, plus NVMe RAID 10 hard drive, so Web access speed is quite fast. In addition, it also integrates automatic 7-day Backup and Imunify360 software to help create a security against Brute Force attack, scan and remove malicious code for Website.

Because I want to test with a bad web, I only sign up for the lowest package of Turbo Business Hosting which is 550k/month, but get 7 days free to test, anyone can sign up to experience it.

Turbo Business Hosting Loading Speed

First, I will test the upload speed to Hosting. The transmission line I use is Viettel 500Mbps, will Upload files 8Gb using WinSCP by FTP protocol. Average upload speed measured range 30Mb/s – 42Mb/squite good compared to the current Vietnam transmission line.

toc do upload azdigi Turbo Business Hosting

Also with the above transmission, For Download speed is in the range of 27 – 32Mb/s

test speed Turbo Business Hosting azdigi

So if you are in Vietnam, the speed of the Turbo Business Hosting package will not be limited and I think it is quite stable if used in the Vietnamese market.

About WordPress Support

What I like the most is the copyright Cpanel and LiteSpeed ​​Webserver. Currently LiteSpeed ​​is rated higher than Apache and Nginx is a good Cache ability that makes the Website run as fast as electricity. With the Turbo Business Hosting package Azdigi has a built-in LiteSpeed ​​Web Server Enterprise version, so I No need to use Wp-Rocket half, instead install LiteSpeed ​​plugin. Results of measuring page load speed are increased up to 74%

toc due to ear page

Resistance to DDOS and Malware

This package is integrated with Imunify360 with anti-DDOS and malicious code, so I also want to test it. After trying a bunch of tools to stress test Website including DDOS Proxy, Layer 4, Layer 7, the load capacity of Hosting is quite good, I found that the highest CPU is only 70%.

In the first 1 minute, the Website will be Timeout of the Dashboard Admin page, but because of the good cache, the Posts can still be accessed. After 1 minute, the AntiDDOS mechanism works, then I go back to the Website normally, even though the DDOS Tool is still active. I appreciate the AntiDDOS ability of Turbo Business Hosting.

Should you buy AZDIGI’s Turbo Business Hosting?

I tested this article due to actual needs, so it may not be suitable for some of you, because the price of Turbo Business Hosting is quite high, the lowest is 550K/month but the disadvantage is that the hard drive is only 35Gb, if your Website If you have access to more than 2000 people at the same time or you have moderate AntiDDOS needs, you should consider using it.

In addition, the quality of Azdigi’s Support is also quite good, although it is Sunday, but after Chat with Support, I have activated the 7-day trial package, without sending Tickets to the payment department.

As I said, if you have a lot of money, you should use this Hosting package instead of VPS because there is a Cpanel that is easy to administer the Web and is half free with LiteSpeed ​​Web Server. And if you don’t have enough money, wait for Azdigi to launch a discount Coupon, 30 – 50% to save money.

If you are a new customer, you can use Coupon: AZDIGIHELLO 15% off for new registration and for the next 2 renewals

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