RTL8188EUS SCRIPT – Automatic wifi driver installation tool

RTL8188EUS SCRIPT is a tool to help you install USB Wifi Driver for 2 lines TP-Link WN722N, TP-Link WN725N on Kali Linux or Parrot OS that can be installed on VMWare. This is a quite useful tool to help you install wifi drivers automatically very quickly and in little time. Listen to this, everyone who hacks wifi in Vietnam as well as abroad knows this already, right?

The RTL8188EUS SCRIPT tool only supports Kali Linux and Parrot OS operating systems. These are the two operating systems that almost 69% of the hackers use. So, those of you who want to choose the appropriate operator to learn hacking can read through this article. Also the script is written in Python combined with language Shell . Not only that, this driver is also supported for the adapter TP-Link WN722N, TP-Link WN725N… To install the most convenient driver through this script, let’s learn about the requirements of the script.

  1. System Requirements update and upgrade full will save more time
  2. Requirement to have python3 and pip3 in a Kali Linux or Parrot OS . machine

Thus, those are the 2 minimum requirements of the script. And now to the installation and use of the script!

Installation and User Manual RTL8188EUS SCRIPT

Installing Wifi Driver for TPLink 722N on Kali linux is quite simple, please enter the following commands. In the instructions below, I tested on Virtual Box and was 100% successful when catching waves and connecting Wifi around.

git clone https://github.com/sonvan1811/rtl8188eus.git

cd rtl8188eus

python3 rtl8188eus.py

Install TP-Link 722N USB Wifi Driver for Kali Linux with RTL8188EUS SCRIPT

Here, there will be 2 options for you: download the driver on the Kali Linux machine and download the driver on the Parrot OS, I’m using the Parrot OS so I choose number 2.

install usb wifi driver tplink wmware

While the script installed the necessary packages. At this point, please enter the permission password sudo yours to continue with the installation

Installation and User Manual RTL8188EUS SCRIPT

When the installation is complete, all you have to do is enter the command sudo reboot or reboot to restart the machine

install usb wifi vmware

The boot process is done, now please plug the wifi usb into the machine and open it Device -> USB on your virtual machine then click on the wifi usb device. Here I am using TP-Link WN722N V2/V3 wifi usb usb. If you want to buy this usb, please visit here

install wifi usb driver tplink 722n

When it appears as shown in the picture, you have successfully installed it ^^. And now you can hack wifi already. And if you don’t know how to hack wifi, you can read this article by Anonyviet

Also you can see the entire script installation process and how to enable monitor mode here

So I have finished the instructions, if you encounter any errors while installing, please comment under the Comments section or inbox directly for help. Bye Bye !, have a nice day and study and work effectively

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