Russian hacker Killnet counterattacks and crashes Anonymous’ Website

Russian hacker group Killnet has attacked the official website of Anonymous. Before that, Anonymous group had launched a cyberwar, carried out attacks on the systems of agencies, especially the website of the President of Russia.

The war between Russia and Ukraine is still going on in real life and in cyberspace. After Russia’s decision to attack, the world’s most famous hacker group Anonymous conducted a cyber attack on Russia to support Ukraine.

Anonymous, which has hacked the official website of the Kremlin, the websites of important agencies such as the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, has stopped access and interrupted access due to high frequency DDoS.

After the attacks of Anonymous, the Russian hacker group Killnet counterattacked and attacked the official website of Anonymous. Last Tuesday, according to some users who tried to access the official Anonymous website at, they received the message: “Sorry, that didn’t work. Please try again or come back later. 500 Errors. Internal Server Error.” Literally translated as a system error.

killnet tan cong anonymous

After Anonymous’s website crashed, Killnet shared the content on Twitter. Killnet posted a video address in Russian, with a hooded figure obscured in the background of the Russian flag and reading:

‘Hello, friendly Russians and allied nations. The internet is flooded with fake information about hacking of Russian banks, hacking of Russian media servers, etc.

‘None of this poses a danger to anyone. This ‘information bomb’ is merely words and nothing more. Don’t fall for fake news on the internet’.

The meaning of the above statement is to reassure the Russian people not to trust the fake images and news that are circulating on the Internet.

The Killnet video also highlights that ‘very soon this conflict will end, and we will find peace.’

Before that, Anonymous had launched a “cyber war” against Russia, calling on hackers around the world to target Russia in the context of the military operation deployed in Ukraine. The group admits its credit to Russian DDoS attacks and media, military and corporate websites.

The attacks targeted an independent St.Petersburg newspaper, several regional business outlets and media outlets that were not overly related to federal politics or world affairs. Anonymous members do not seem to coordinate with each other, but operate in a disorganized and indiscriminate manner.

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