Should I learn Godot Engine to program Game?

Talk a little bit about game programming, the industry is there, but how to join this industry, do you know? And my answer is that is simple, you just need to download the Engines to support game design and conduct the learning and training process with it. But the question many of you ask is which Engine should you choose to start the learning process, there are too many Engines around the Internet, people recommend this or that when Unity, UE, Gms, etc make you confused. hesitate and lead to hesitation and then sometimes quit.

Then to answer the questions above, I will write an article to evaluate the ability of an Engine that is Godot Engine.

Godot Engine

Is Godot Engine worth your decision to learn it in 2022?


If I talk briefly about Godot, this is an Engine that was developed in the 2007 years of 2 decades ago, and before that Godot was almost an anonymous Engine, little known and bad. But then since version 3.x this is a complete makeover for Godot with improved modes, functions, etc., added and turned it into a potential Engine worth using in the 202x decade. .

Should I learn Godot to program Game?

My answer is YES, with updates from version 3.x , and above all version 4.x being developed and released alpha test at the time of writing this article with the public platform. Vulkan graphics technology, it has turned Godot 4.x into an Engine with good 3D and 2D capabilities with the investment of organizations such as: Heroic Labs, Gamblify, etc.

Godot Engine is worth your time and using it.

Job opportunities with Godot

With the opportunity to work with this Engine, almost in Vietnam there are very few and can be counted on the fingers, but in foreign countries they have been using this Godot Engine to develop 2D game genres. And of course, in the next few years, the Vietnamese game market will start using Godot for game production, so if you want to bet your future, you should program games with Godot.

Compare Godot with Unity

Unity is definitely going to be on top, but in return Godot Engine can do many things that Unity can’t do.

+ The first is the time to make a game, I have used these 2 Engines and the result is that the same newbie uses these 2 Engines, the game design with Godot will be faster than Unity when it uses these tools. Similar syntax to Python, functions like Camera, etc. are available to make games.

+ But in return for the first point, although doing it fast, Godot’s performance will be weaker than Unity, but it still depends on the type of game you make, if the game is 2D, Godot is still slightly better than Unity, but if it is 3D, Godot completely lost.

So should I use Godot Engine?

My answer is YES, it is very suitable for indie game developers or game production studios who want a fast product, then Godot Engine is an appropriate choice. Although there are still few tutorials, Godot is still very easy to use. Currently, AnonyViet has a series of more than 100 Godot lessons that can help you create a basic game on your computer. Please refer to it.

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