Should I use Unity to program games?

You want to enter the game industry but don’t know where to start so you google it and then you wonder which engine to choose? Unity, Unreal Engine, Cocos2D, Game Maker Studio, Godot Engine, etc have too many options for you to get started.

To answer the above question, I will write an article to outline the advantages and disadvantages of Unity and to see if it is worth you to learn and use it.

What is Unity?

Should Unity be used for game programming in 2022?


Unity has been and is a storming Engine in the gaming industry, with optimal power, supporting games with good performance, APIs, frameworks, .. It can be said that Unity is a full Engine with everything for you to program games. There have been a lot of games created by Unity and seem to account for the total number of top games in the world.

And Unity is also the top 1 engine in game making.

Should I learn Unity? If yes, where did you study?

My answer is YES, you should learn Unity right away and if you intend to follow the game industry, have a computer that can run Unity. With the elements in the Summary section, there is certainly no reason why I would say no.

As for where to learn, there are many ways you can learn to make games with Unity. You can find it on Udemy, Youtube, re-shared courses online, etc. There are many but it is important whether you can learn or not.

You can go to the center to teach game programming with Unity to learn is also a good option.

Job opportunity?

Regarding jobs, Unity is certainly not lacking because due to the demand for investment in the game industry in Vietnam, game production companies and studios are almost all looking for a Unity programmer to join them. . There are many and many jobs about Unity, if you don’t believe it, you can go to sites like TopCV and see a lot of people hiring.

Although it’s a lot, but do you know why it’s recruiting a lot? In my opinion, there are few places in Vietnamese universities where there are textbooks on game programming using Unity, Unreal Engine, etc. Mostly they are self-taught and gain experience through projects, not through training schools. create anything. Therefore, it leads to the lack of a lot of slots.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Unity has many strengths and some weaknesses such as:


  • With modern technology, Unity allows you to design games in 2D, 3D, AR, VR genres and can export games to any platform such as: Linux, Windows, MacOS, iOS, etc.
  • There are full SDK, API, Tutorial so you can complete your game without missing anything.
  • Provides a very good performance for your game especially 3D platform.
  • Easy to work in a team.
  • There is a very strong community.


  • Unity still has to pay.
  • Your revenue will be limited.
  • Using C#, C++ and if you do not have basic programming skills, it will be difficult to adapt and work with it.


Hopefully through this article you can decide to proceed with learning and doing with Unity. If you have any suggestions, you can comment to let me know.

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