Summary of the best Valentine’s Day confessions in 2022

Besides giving flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day, you need to prepare yourself with impressive confessions to create more romantic feelings for your loved one. This is a list of the best Valentine’s Day confessions you can apply such as posting Status, Story or talking directly to your lover, crush.

Funny, funny confession 2022


I just need to love you, the whole world for you to take care of.

If the distance between us is a thousand steps, you only need to take the first step and I will take the remaining nine hundred and ninety-nine steps towards you.

You were called to the court for stealing my heart, robbing me of all my emotions. Your punishment is to be with me forever.

If there is a sentence for me for loving you, I would like to stand in court and receive a life sentence to be with you for the rest of my life…

I wanted to ask you this for a long time (do you love me) but dared not ask because I was afraid of you… nodded.

They say love has a price, tell me how much do you need?

I will sue you for intentionally causing memory loss and one day the court will convict you with a marriage certificate.

It’s raining, why haven’t you poured me yet?

If 2+1 is also 1+2, doesn’t loving you mean I love you?

If one day I want to travel around the world, can I go around you?

Every disease has a cure, but only and there will never be a cure. I stop loving you.

Valentine’s Day confession for girlfriend

Time may pass, things may change, but my love for you will never fade. I find it hard to believe, right? Then let me prove it to you, my love.

– Time may pass, but my love for you is unchanging. It’s already much colder. Please eat a lot, dress warmly when you go out and walk carefully. Believe me, there is someone waiting for you somewhere. Give him more time and chance. Wishing you all good things! Happy Valentine’s Day!

I love the things you do, the words you say, the way you become a part of my life every day.

If drops of water were kisses, I would give you the sea. If it is the hugs and caresses, I will give you the whole forest. If the long night is love, I send you the starry sky. But I don’t have the right to give you my heart because it already belongs to you. I love you!

– A year 365 days, each day has 24 hours, 1 hour has 60 minutes, 1 minute has 60 seconds. There is no time that I stop thinking about you.

– If the distance between us is a thousand steps, you only need to take the first step, I will take the remaining nine hundred and ninety-nine steps towards you.

Simplicity is not less, but not excess. Enough is not a lot, but the right time when you are here.

Do you want to disappear with me from this world of suffering?

– Nothing can change my love for you, because you are my soul.

– Without the sun, there is no rainbow after the rain. You are the sun, making my life more radiant. May you always shine in my heart.

Valentine’s Day confession for boyfriend

– 1 week has 7 days. 1 day has 24 hours. 1 hour has 60 minutes. 1 minute has 60 seconds. There isn’t a day or hour that I don’t miss you. There isn’t a moment that he doesn’t think of him. My soul and heart are filled with you. Miss and love you so much.

– If 2+1 is also equal to 1+2, doesn’t loving you mean that I love you?

I can hide everything, but I can’t hide one thing that I love you. Now and forever I still have a passionate love for you. The truth is that I love you very much.

– I have always thought that every problem has a correct answer, but I have forgotten that you are always the deviation of my life.

– I don’t need a guardian angel. I just need someone to follow me till the end of my life. Anyone can, but you’re better.

– Without you, the day would be sad and the night would seem endless. Without you, the day wouldn’t be sunny and the night wouldn’t be okay. Without you, my life is just a sad song and without you, I don’t know what I would be like?

– The first time I met you, I liked the way you smiled, the way you looked at me and the way you talked. It was also the first time I had to make you think so much about me.

– I can make the sky green, or I can turn the grass green, but I can’t stop you from loving me. Miss you so much.

Valentine’s confession status

Other people like me will give me flowers and gifts, but I don’t need it, I just want you to take me home this Valentine.

The teacher said that this Valentine, I must be with you to be completely happy.

Hey guy! I lost my lover here. Valentine’s day is here, I’ll pick up my lover for you.

Want to have an ambiguous relationship, on friendship on Valentine’s Day this year…

How does it feel to love someone? Want to try that feeling on Valentine’s Day this year!

Near the ink is black, near Valentine, I have you.

A year has 365 days, but I only have 1 Valentine’s day to confess to you, what are you waiting for without nodding your head.

Anyone who lends a picture as their Facebook profile picture on Valentine’s Day to be less lonely…

For two years, I don’t know if the February 14 chocolate is bitter or sweet. My love, where are you this Valentine?

This Valentine I just need you.

Come and hold my hand this Valentine, you will know how happy it is to hold hands when loving someone.

You’ve lived in my heart for so long and still haven’t paid? This Valentine, let’s calculate a body.

This Valentine is still the same as the old Valentine, still riding a motorbike and still having a spare seat. I really need someone in the back of the car to hug me on Valentine’s Day 2021.

Be my boyfriend, or let me be your girlfriend.

Happy Cap to post Valentine’s Day

If you have any free time, let’s love each other to keep busy this Valentine, I’m also free.

If you want peace, pray for blessings
If you want a happy Valentine, stay with me.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall
This Valentine will go out with you.

This Valentine, I will move to your heart to live.

Waves start from the wind, where does the wind start?
I don’t know, when will we fall in love?
I hope that when you receive the gift, you will feel happy and return my love. Crush!

Gucci is the name of a famous brand, and my taste is you.

I don’t need gifts, I’ve been warm all spring with you.

Everyone has roses on Valentine’s Day, but I just want to marry you.

Cute SMS to confess 2/14

“::Happy Valentine ::”
This Valentine we are not together
Do you remember what you promised
I will love you, love you forever
I will wait for you to come again one day

Cute SMS 2/14

。°☆° Happy• *★
Valentine★* •
•Day 14¤2★☆
|””|_/|””| :”* . *”: ..
|. . . . . .| hey _.-” .
|…|_/|…| oi
|””|__|””| :”* . *”:
|. . . . . .| older brother_.-“
|…|””|…| phuc’.
★»I Love You«★

Cute SMS to confess 2/14

*{@} {@} {@}*
:* {@} * {@} * ;*
‘ @}* {@} *{@}’
* ; {@} * ;
| ///
Y / /
| /
Happy Valentine’s Day,
haha happy naz!
»™ Forever ™«

SMS kute 14/2 – 3

*+.Love.+* +*
*+* *+*
♥ Forever _ove ♥
.. __::_____
|_画_画 _|_| ,
I love you vk♂
( _ /) ( _ /)
(^_^) (^_^)
☆(“) (“) (“) (“)☆
Let’s meet each other tomorrow
Happy Valentines!

SMS kute 14/2 – 4

I will always hold your hand in public,
Not for fear of losing you,
But for everyone to look at and admire that
“Those two are in love.”

Romantic confession SMS

。°☆° happy• ˚ *★
Valentine★* •
• • 14¤2★
|””|_/|””|:”* . *”:
| |ot _.-”
|__|_/|__| sorry
|””|__|””| :”* . *”:
| |anh_.-”
|__|””|__| Phuc’
»-(¯`…(¯`v´¯) …´¯)-»

Confession SMS 14/2

✿|::::|)/¸.¤ª“˜¨˜“¨ .”
|::¸.¤ª“˜¨¨˜“¨ .”
%¤ª“˜¨¨Happy 14-2
❊#ª“˜¨ Valentine’s Day﹗
Together forever

Beautiful SMS 2/14

,*””””*, ,*””””*,
(0 ‘ _ ‘ ) 0
together tomorrow!
»™ _ove @ßY ™«

SMS 14/2


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