Top 3 Best Freelance Websites

Do you want to become a freelancer to work to earn money to support your family or make a living? Don’t know where to start? So in this article I will show you the 3 best freelance platforms on the Internet.

What is Freelancer?

Top website to find my freelance

A freelancer is someone who works as a freelancer and earns money by taking on assignments, usually for short-term work. A freelancer is not an employee of one company and is therefore free to simultaneously complete the different jobs of different individuals or companies (unless committed to work exclusively under a contract until completion of a particular project).

You can get the job done at home or at a cafe or anywhere you like as long as the work is done according to the contract. You will then be paid through your bank account. Freelance work is very suitable for those who do not like to be limited in terms of time in the office and suitable for those of you who are still students or fresh graduates who want to get a job to gain more experience.

You may not know, the 5 highest paying careers of Freelance Web programming.

The best Freelance job sites


fiverr best seasonal job search website

This is the best Freelance site to start as a freelancer. With jobs starting at $5 and up per project, Fiverr offers small projects that you can complete very quickly. Besides, there are many opportunities for you to get jobs on Fiverr, but the job here is not a freelancer but a job in your field in a team, company, etc. If you surf tiktok, you will see some videos like this.

Fiverr is definitely number one for me. If you still ask why, it’s simply because it has many jobs, you can easily find jobs on it, you can find jobs without having to pay money to buy coins of all kinds but in return will be charged when order confirmation.


SolidGigs the best freelancing site

It is a good Freelance platform where you can get remote jobs. This website saves a lot of your time by having a unique design that allows you to quickly browse through job postings and select the best fit based on your expertise. So, if you are a busy person, SolidGigs is a good site for you to find freelance jobs.


FlexJobs top website to find the largest freelancer

Flexjobs is a website that provides freelance jobs for newbies but also offers a lot of other jobs. With over 50 job categories, remote jobs from positions like Junior to Senior to these web jobs often pay very well.

The credibility of the scam is definitely very low, about 5%, so you don’t need to worry too much when you’re afraid of being scammed, but it’s just your bad luck.

Tips for finding freelance work in Vietnam

I only have one piece of advice for those of you who are going to be a freelancer, that is, never look for a job on Vietnamese freelancer websites if you don’t want to be scammed or driven.

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