Top 3 Entertainment Mobile Game titles should be played to relax

Games are almost always a must-have for a phone or computer user. Not only helps us relax, reduce stress, entertain while bored, it also makes us immersed in it, also known as game addiction.

But besides those things, not everyone likes this game that game, you like League of Legends but I don’t vice versa I still find it ridiculous, why? Simply because it’s not the type of game I like.

And in this article, I will share with you 3 games that I often play to kill time when I have a little free time, bored but fast without addiction.

Game titles

Top 1: Hexonia

This is a turn-based strategy game with unique and unique graphics. Hexonia has made a game color for itself and is almost at the top of the turn base game genre on mobile.

Download the game Hexonia Giai tri mobile

With the formulas to balance the game effectively, it has made this game strangely balanced, combined with the harmonious elements of color, interface, .. it has made many people not I can’t fault anything and that includes myself.

As you play, you will control a tribe and develop & research & capture other cities to unite the Hexonia continent which is divided by many different forces.

The game with more than 10 tribes with unique units according to each tribe as well as different gameplay makes the game more plus points in the gameplay.

You can download it with the link below:

Note: I recommend that you play the unlock all mod to unlock the entire tribe, so it will be a lot more fun to play.

Top 2: SKY – Dogfight

If you have played a web game called Bomber At War in the past, you will find it very familiar in this game.

Basically, this is a 2D air combat game with the same gameplay as the Bomber At War game on some web games in the past. But instead of bombing, this one is shooting at each other between planes in the sky

Top 3 Entertainment Mobile Game titles should be played to relax 4

I find it quite new, and also quite good at killing a short period of time.

Download Link:

Android: SKY – Dogfight – Apps on Google Play

Top 3: Eternal Life

This is a fairly new game on the theme of tu fairy with a play style quite similar to the game Devil Coc Bat Hoang on the computer. Since it’s an alpha test game, there are only a few modes to play, so I’ll put it in here.

ear game Vinh Sinh

In the alpha test, the game only allows you to cultivate to a new realm, destroy monsters and then recapture the lost castles and towns to the Demons.

Because it is an alpha test version, the game still has no story, storyline and other functions, so it is still very boring. But I also hope the game will soon develop more new modes.

Download Link:

Android : Vinh Sinh – Android Apps on Google Play


So, hopefully through this article you were able to choose for yourself some suitable games to play for fun!

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