Typing Detector – Check who is typing Messenger messages for you

Typing Detector is an extension of author Nguyen Duy Bao shared on the J2Team group that is used to log people who have been composing Messenger messages for you. This utility will save information about the time your friends are typing on the keyboard and when and when that action is started and stopped. You can see who is trying to text but then not send it to you.

The Typing Detector utility is quite useful for those of you who have a crush on someone and see if that person wants to communicate with you. If that person intends to send a message in Messenger but then does not press the send button, my condolences to you, you should have a different approach to be more successful.

How to install Typing Detector For Messenger

The Typing Detector For Messenger utility has not been uploaded to the Google Store by the author, but you can install it manually from Github. First you need to download this tool to your computer.

Download Typing Detector For Messenger

Then extract it, you will get a folder named “typing-detector-for-messenger-master”

Now you open the Chrome browser, access the address chrome://extensions/in the browser to open the Extension management window.

  1. Turn on mode Developer mode in the upper right corner
  2. Select Load UnPacked in the left corner -> point to the unzipped “typing-detector-for-messenger-master” folder
  3. Turn on On Extension Typing Detector For Messenger to enable the extension

install Typing Detector For Messenge

Go back to the browser address bar, select the puzzle icon and PIN extension out.

battery extension

Now close all tabs, Facebook and Messenger windows and then open them again. The utility will now work in the background and record typing actions (typing) for those who intend to chat with you.

It may be easier to understand, how many seconds it takes from the time they type the key to when they press Enter. You can get Stop time – Typing time is out.

Click Extension Typing Detector For Messenger, you will see a small window appear and record information about the status and time of the message. You can filter by individual recipients or Group Chats. The author also supports Vietnamese interface for your convenience

Typing Detector For Messenger

A fairly compact but very useful utility for you to measure the interest of others for you. However, there may be many reasons that people type for a long time before pressing send or typing and then don’t send, then don’t be too moody.

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