Websites that help you speed up deadlines effectively

Many Vietnamese students are now studying online, right? Indeed, online learning is very fun and I am also quite free in class, but the problem of online learning is that there are too many assignments and too many projects and following with these is an extremely tight deadline? Don’t worry, I will introduce websites that run Deadline so you are no longer afraid of them!

Instructions to run the deadline using the following websites

Running deadlines effectively

Do you also know the consequences of late deadlines? For students, less points are deducted, more points are taken, and if you get 0 points, the ability to remove them is quite difficult. But what tools do you need to run the deadline? Below I will list for you tools to race against time effectively

Websites that check for plagiarism and rewrite new paragraphs

Check plagiarism

When you write or do articles that you require not to plagiarize, here are 2 websites that you should know to check how you plagiarize. Those are Prepostseo and Smallseotools. Not only does it check for plagiarism, but it can also change and revise so that your article is the least plagiarized.

Enter a title with a paragraph right away

Many of you will sometimes find it very difficult to write and have almost no ideas to write? Don’t worry, there are websites that allow you to enter keywords and automatically post articles for you. All you need to do is write down the keyword and get the article back

Sites that enter titles for paragraphs:

Make slides fast – compact – light

Need to do presentations but have too little time? You have the information but don’t know how to make it beautiful. The deadline is almost here and your presentation has not been decorated. Then let me tell you the following websites for beautiful templates for your slides! With these websites you won’t have to worry about decoration anymore. All you need to do is download the template and apply the information. Not only that, they also allow you to create slides directly on their website.

Slide templates

Websites that make it easier for you to make slides:

With Canva, you can see more about how to use canva pro here

In case you don’t see anything you like, you can use google’s search operator as follows: (tên môn của bạn) filetype:pptx hoặc (tên môn của bạn) filetype:pptx

Exam preparation materials

What if you are about to take an exam and you don’t have any material to study for? Don’t worry, with Google’s search operator, you’ll soon find the material you need to review and prepare for your exam. You go to google and search with the following syntax: Tóm tắt + (tên môn) + filetype:pdf

Automatic math solver


If you have problems solving math or you feel that your problem is not solved correctly, don’t worry. You can go over and re-read my articles about automatic math solving software here or you can go to google and search for the following 2 websites: Mathse Osinrobot or Symbolab

Learn Statistical Probability

Do you have difficulty with probability and statistics? Are you close to the exam but don’t have any materials to study? Come to Khan Academy now. Here you will no longer have difficulty because of such headaches. Above, there is a summary of both micro and macro probability for you to enjoy!

English grammar test

If you have to do exercises to find errors in English grammar or you have to write super long essays, the English grammar checker is extremely necessary to avoid mistakes to the maximum extent. .

Websites to check English grammar

Learning material repository

If you are still not satisfied with the materials that you have been given by your teacher but the deadline is coming, don’t worry. There are the following 2 websites that you can consider as a huge repository of learning materials that you should know: Docsity and Studocu

So with these websites, you don’t need to worry about any deadlines anymore! What other websites do you know that can help with deadlines? Leave a comment below to share with everyone!

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