Why Companies Need to Invest So Much in Web Security

According to statistics, during the Covid-19 pandemic the total number of web attacks has passed the highest level! As you probably already know, there are many anti-virus software out there to protect us from hacks that try to steal our information. Investing in web security will be much more beneficial than anti-virus.

Here are some reasons why you should invest in cybersecurity:

Why Companies Need to Invest So Much in Web Security

Data Protection

Every company handles large amounts of confidential information. You must protect the data of your customers and employees so that your business can run smoothly.
Having your data stolen will cost you huge amounts of money as a result of poor security.

Financial loss

When it comes to cyber attacks, the goal is usually to cause the most damage to the company. 90% of the company’s finances will suffer significant losses. Reduced productivity also means reduced sales, directly affecting revenue streams.

Prevent malicious software

Malware is a security nightmare for everyone. It has the ability to destroy and cause great damage to any IT system. The malware takes advantage of its victims. It takes up data, slows down the system, and even launches attacks elsewhere after successfully hacking into the system.

Let your customers always trust you

In the digital world, users are always concerned about data security. Therefore, you must always make sure that the trust of your users in your website does not drop to a warning level!!.

Security of backups

Always back up so you can rollback your data whenever something goes wrong. And when backing up, always secure your backup from being hacked or corrupted!.

Employee error

In fact, there have been many cases when employees in your company made certain mistakes that caused your System to be attacked and infiltrated by Hackers.

Sophisticated attacks

When protecting your website from malware, you must know the exact state of the malware. Nowadays, systems are often updated and you must ensure that you are also up to date to reduce the risk of being hacked.


The number of cybercriminals is increasing rapidly every day. Last year, cyberattacks cost up to $400 billion and many businesses went bankrupt as a result. Therefore, I also have advice for businesses to invest in security sooner and don’t let it be BKAV :)!

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