Optical Illusion of ‘Invisible’ Woman on Mountain Leaves Internet Baffled

Sometimes a photograph is so visually confusing that it leaves us scratching our heads to make sense of what it actually depicts.

This is known as an optical illusion—something that fools the eyes into seeing something different to what has been captured. And a recent photograph of an “invisible” woman on a mountain is just that. In the snap, shared to Reddit by user Mystical_Cat, we can see a snowy ski slope flanked by tall trees.

The Redditor has captioned the image, writing: “My friend learning to snowboard.” But where is the person?

Well, although it appears as though a headless person is snowboarding down the slope, if one looks a little closer, we can see the torso of the helmeted woman among the trees—her white trousers and dark jacket perfectly blend with the landscape.

The photograph has gained lots of traction since it was posted on December 14, having gained more than 25,500 upvotes.

Additionally, many people have rushed to the comments section to air their confusion at the perplexing image.

One Redditor, Saucy_nonchalance, wrote: “Yeah I have imaginary friends too.”

Another person, X3bla, added: “Is it just me or did I think that he was larger than he was? The trees made a shape that looks like someone.”

Hozraci typed: “Looks like somebody left their snowboard and boots on the mountain.”

Fairkatrina shared: “Aaaaand that’s why you’re supposed to wear something bright if you’re going up a mountain and might need to be rescued by helicopter.”

Roge2005 explained: “Your friend is still practicing on her invisibility powers.”

Robpex admitted: “This one actually tripped me up. Good one!”

Dita7503 revealed: “It took me longer than it should have to find the actual person. Great picture!”

GrabHimByTheS****ole commented: “Yeah this is a nice double confused. Took me maybe 5 seconds to notice the helmet was much lower than I expected.”

Hozraci revealed: “Looks like somebody left their snowboard and boots on the mountain.”

TheTattedspyder opined that the photograph should serve as a warning to people to wear brightly colored clothes in the mountains in case of an emergency, writing: “This is kind of an important lesson.

“If you’re doing outdoor activities where there’s a chance of you needing to be found (you get lost, injured, there’s an avalanche, etc.) DON’T be dressed in colors that will camouflage you. You’d be amazed at how easy it is to disappear into the landscape and become all but invisible.”

A stock image of a mountain. On a Reddit a photograph of a snowboarder has been baffling people.


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