Point Broadband to Offer Fiber Internet in Washington County

Clint Wiley, General Manager of Point Broadband in Maryland, said, “We’re very excited to expand our service in Washington County. Fiber optic is the newest network technology that delivers the fastest and most reliable intent service available.”


Point Broadband is currently installing its network in Washington County and will continue to do so in the coming months. Below is the direction from Point Broadband regarding the construction process:


We want to prepare you for the construction phase and have outlined the following details to help set the right expectations.


  1. All underground utilities will be located before any construction begins. You could see flags and spray paint in your yard, and along the road and sidewalks. Once you see flags and spray paint, you can expect to see construction teams.
  2. Next, our construction team will begin digging to find the existing underground utilities. Because we have to cross the utilities when we lay piping, it is necessary to know exactly where they are and is required by law.
  3. Once actual construction of our 100% fiber-optic network begins in your neighborhood, teams will begin placing pipes underground and pulling fiber through them. The timeline for completion varies depending on the size of your neighborhood, weather, and similar variables related to establishing the network.
  4. After the construction process is finished, Point Broadband will rake, seed and straw your lawn in the areas where digging occurred.



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