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Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) is a popular service of AWS that almost every architecture uses this type of database. With AWS Security is job zero. This article Kevin will go through the best security methods when using Amazon RDS.

Using IAM is a simple yet highly effective way to secure Amazon RDS:

  • With AWS, least privileges are the first thing that system managers need to grasp. We only grant the right permissions to the right people, avoiding the full permission (rule the world) granting that can cause risks to the system.
  • Do not use Root Credentials to manage RDS.
  • Using IAM Group is an effective way to manage a group of users who share the same permissions. Avoid assigning permissions directly to the IAM User.
  • Change IAM Credential regularly.
  • Use AWS Secret Manager to change rotate secrets to access RDS.

Best practices are by no means all the necessary settings to secure RDS, these are common recommendations and standard design when building applications on the AWS Cloud.

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