Steve Martin doubts his sanity as internet serves him a dog-loving doppelganger

American actor Steve Martin was left bewildered as he saw his doppelganger tending to a dog in a viral video. Netizens were enthralled to watch a dog nestle close to a man who looked a lot like Martin. Retweeting the video, Martin wrote, “I am relieved to find out this is not me. I was starting to doubt my sanity.”

In the video, the actor’s lookalike was seen sitting on a couch, with a dachshund on his lap. The man clicked its pictures and covered it with a blanket.

Grabbing Martin’s attention, Amee Vanderpool, a journalist from America, shared the video on Twitter. Vanderpool also said the video is apparently from a series called “Dads with dogs they didn’t want,” reminding people of how reluctant parents would be to bring pets back home. As time passes, paw parents cement their bond with the pets.

Vanderpool wrote on the micro-blogging platform, “A man who looks like Steve Martin, in a garden, tending to this dachshund is exactly what I need this morning. Apparently, this is from a series called, ‘Dads with dogs they didn’t want’.”

The Pink Panther actor’s tweet has garnered 7,86,000 likes and 2.9 million views. A Twitter user, Got Japanese intriguingly asked, “How do you know for sure that’s not you? Just saying.” However, as the post went viral, the woman, who actually posted the video commented on the thread saying it was her dad.

Another user, Bookishly Bohemian wrote, “This little dog cannot be touched except by the hands of angels. Do you see how they are in his lap? Uh huh. You can’t do anything but be sweet to his little muffin baby puppy – OR DIE. I mean.” The Little Owl Perch, a user, wrote, “Steve Martin finding out this is in fact NOT him playing with a dachshund just made my day.”


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