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If you often download files, you are probably too familiar with IDM. But I think the very annoying situation of you guys is to have to crack IDM, so it won’t be safe and your computer has a high chance of getting a virus. So, in this article, I will introduce you to Neat Download Manager, a good alternative free download manager for IDM.

What is Neat Download Manager?

Neat Download Manager: The best free downloader alternative to IDM

Neat Download Manager is a Download accelerator software that helps you download files faster than using a browser. This application is more special than other download support software. A small utility that barely takes up any space on your Windows, so it’s faster and simpler. Neat Download Manager speeds up your downloads. This is a simple program that works on all Windows PC versions including Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Features of NeatDownloadManager

1. Increase download speed by using up your total usable bandwidth.

2. It uses optimized Dynamic Segmentation Algorithm to increase download speed.

3. Sort your download data based on Download Status (Completed, Incomplete) and File Type like Video, Document, etc.

4. Supports HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols.

5. Supports HTTP Proxy and SOCKS protocols.

6. Supports HTTP Authentication and Proxy Authentication (Basic, Digest, NTLM)

7. Ability to pause/resume the download.

8. Failed process download can resume.

9. Support for browser extension to send direct download link to Neat Download Manager, allowing you to download Video, Audio or other file types from any website.

10. It allows you to set the bandwidth limit even while downloading data.

11. It allows you to set the Maximum Number of Connections on even while downloading data.

12. Supports loading .ts files of HLS videos and, finally, merging all segments into a single .ts file.

13. Support to renew expired download links.

How to use Neat Download Manager most effectively

Neat Download Manager is a simple program that comes with an intuitive user interface. It is completely easy to use and you don’t need too much time to get used to Neat Download Manager.

Once you download and install this app, launch the program and click on the Chrome browser icon to load the Neat Download Manager extensions.

Neat Download Manager: software to accelerate Download super fast 6

After you install the extensions for Chrome or Firefox, it will automatically detect the download links and add them to the Neat Download Manager interface when you download software, videos or audio files. If you copy the link to download the file, this tool will also automatically detect the link in the clipboard and start the download.

In the main interface of the application, you can see the download speed, download status, time remaining, file size, can continue or not, etc. Basically, it divides large files into 8 sections and download them all at the same time. When all the chunks are downloaded successfully, it will combine those 8 parts into 1 final usable file.

Neat Download Manager: software to accelerate Download extremely fast 7

If you are downloading a large file, but in the middle you want to stop to restart or shut down your PC, click the button Pause; it will stop downloading your file and you can resume downloading another time. Moreover, if you want to limit the download speed, you can switch to the tab Options.

Neat Download Manager: extremely fast download accelerator software 8

As noted above, it only picks up automatic download links from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. If you use another browser and want to download the file using Neat Download Manager, you can copy the download link and select “New URL” on Neat Download Manager and then paste the copied link.

Neat Download Manager: software to accelerate Download extremely fast 9

By default Neat Download Manager saves all downloaded files on the downloads folder; however, you can change the default folder through the Settings tab.


Neat Download Manager is a simple download manager with a few basic options. It will speed up your downloads, and save bandwidth by resuming downloads if you stop midway. If you need a basic, free downloader that can replace IDM, then Neat Download Manager might be the best choice for you. Also, if you still prefer IDM, you can download it here.

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