SAN FRANCISCO – Almost four weeks into Apple Watch’s world debut, women like the wearable computer more than men and apps are the device’s biggest selling point.

Nearly 65% of women expressed positive feelings about Apple’s $400-and-up Watch while 53% of men were positive, a drop from Watch’s fall announcement when 74% of women and 56% of men said they intended to purchase the device, according to CrowdFlower, a data enrichment platform that collects and categorizes data sets.

For this study, CrowdFlower analyzed more than 30,000 tweets about Apple Watch since consumers took delivery on April 24.

Interestingly, 70% of the tweets were from men, even though they were overall less enthused about the product than women. And its seems Watch has a home-state advantage: the most tweets about the product were from residents of California, with 59% of them expressing positive feelings about the product.

“More than half of the positive sentiment around (Watch) was tied to apps,” Justin Tenuto, CrowdFlower’s content marketing manager, blogged on the San Francisco-based company’s site. “People seemed to love the fitness apps … and the fact that they could do stuff like present boarding passes and buy coffee with their wrist doodad.”

But those same apps and their frequently buggy nature also constituted around 22% of the complaints about Watch. The biggest gripe? Nearly 25% said: “Hasn’t been delivered yet.”

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