Tesla owners say they’ve spotted SpaceX’s Starlink internet dishes at Supercharger stations

  • Tesla owners claimed to have spotted SpaceX’s Starlink internet dishes at Tesla Supercharger stations.

  • They posted photos of dishes at Supercharger stations in Florida, New York, and Connecticut.

  • It comes one month after Elon Musk said Tesla’s Supercharger stations would get WiFi.

Some Tesla owners have spotted what appear to be SpaceX’s Starlink internet dishes at Tesla Supercharger stations across the US.

It comes one month after Elon Musk, the CEO of both Tesla and SpaceX, said that Supercharger stations would get WiFi, without elaborating.

One Reddit user said in two separate posts that they stopped to charge their Tesla at a Supercharger station in Lake City, Florida, when they noticed a Starlink dish. They posted a picture of the dish attached to a pole.

Starlink beams internet from satellites in orbit to users’ dishes on the ground.

The Reddit user said in their second post on Sunday that there was a WiFi access point on the pole, but that they didn’t connect to the network because they didn’t have time.

One Twitter user said on Sunday that a Supercharger station in Long Island, New York, now had Starlink, posting a picture of the dish. They said that they didn’t try to connect to the service.

Another Twitter user, who previously said they owned a Tesla Model S, tweeted a picture on Saturday which they said showed a Starlink dish in Lisbon, Connecticut.

Electrek first reported on the users’ claims.

Tesla and SpaceX didn’t immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Tesla launched its Supercharger network in September 2012 with six stations. The company said in May that it had 25,000 chargers worldwide. It’s now allowing non-Tesla cars to use some of the stations.

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