Texas-based company brings faster internet and hundreds of jobs to Albuquerque

“Post-construction we’ll have about 150 jobs local here in customer care, sales, technicians, installers,” said Jim Gleason, president and CEO of Vexus Fiber.  

Gleason said the 10 gigabit fiber network will be citywide, providing direct high-speed internet access to homes and businesses.

“So, we can offer better speeds, faster speeds, better throughput and overall better broadband experience,” he said. 

Gleason said the pandemic highlighted the need for fast and reliable internet service as many started working and learning from home.

“In most cases the overall internet in the United States really handled it, but there were many places where there were congested networks and whatnot, and really that’s why we’re here to really build a new network from scratch and also give consumers a really choice in broadband,” said Gleason. 

The network should be complete by 2024, but service will be available in some parts of the city starting next year. Vexus said the cost will be similar to what other internet providers charge now.


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