The Complete NextCloud User Guide

Through the last post, I have just guided everyone on how to install NextCloud on the computer. And today, I will guide you to use NextCloud to be able to manage users as well as install Extensions!

NextCloud basic interface

NextCloud interface

  1. Tab bar: This part is used to move through installed files and Extensions
  2. Extension: Set Status and Weather(by default will install these)
  3. Quick Access: This section is the quick access to File/Extension
  4. User bar: this section has user options (including settings, install more extensions, ..)

Instructions for uploading files

Step 1: Go to the file section above Tab bar

File on tab bar

Step 2: Select the plus sign and select Upload File

Upload Files

Step 3: Select the File to upload and select Open

Select the file to upload


Result Upload File to NextCloud

Add Extension for NextCloud

Step 1: You go to your NextCloud, select your avatar -> Apps

Select Apps

Step 2: Go to Feature App and find the Extension you need to install

Add Extension

Instructions for adding storage space for NextCloud

This will work mainly for people who have a Server with 2 databases or you run on a computer / Raspberry Pi and plug in a hard drive / USB, this is the way to add it.

Step 1: You go to MobaXterm (SSH of your server) and mount that drive (I use Raspberry Pi)

mount the drive over ssh

Step 2: You go to your NextCloud, select your avatar -> Apps

Select Apps

Step 3: Go to Feature App and find External Storage Support. By default it is disabled. Please enable if it is off!

Enable External Storage Support

Step 4: Select your avatar -> Settings

Select Settings

Step 5: Drag down the right sidebar and find External Storage in the Administration section

Select External Storage

Step 6: You choose Add storage and select the one you want (mine is local storage)

add storage for NextCloud

Step 7: You write the path of the hard drive that needs more space for NextCloud and then click the checkmark on the right

add External Storage Nextcloud

Now you just need to go to the folder and you will see

External Storage just added

Add User

Step 1: Select your avatar -> User

Select User in the menu

Step 2: Select New User in the top left corner

Select New User

Step 3: Fill in the information of New User and select Add New User.

add new user

That’s it. Once done, you can give this user to the person you need to give so they can access your page.

Install NextCloud on your phone

If you want to use NextCloud on your phone, you can do the following

Step 1: Download NextCloud for Android and IOS

Step 2: Open the app, select login -> enter your NextCloud address -> Click login and enter your account

Sign in on Nextcloud Mobile


Nextcloud results on the phone

So I just finished the tutorial on how to use NextCloud Basic for beginners. If you find it difficult or want me to do something specific in NextCloud, you can leave a comment below to let me know!

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