The Internet Infrastructure in Afghanistan (Event)

Join the upcoming discussion today on the past, present and future of the Internet in Afghanistan in the context of the Middle East. Panelists will address the national and international challenges and opportunities Afghans face in the changing environment of global Internet governance and sanctions laws.

Urban Media Institute, the organizer of this event, notes: “It is vital to talk about preserving and advancing the Internet development in Afghanistan with the Afghanistan Internet community and with rule of law and international law experts to show us a way forward. The Internet community in Afghanistan was always inspiring. They were determined, and no matter what they faced, they took many initiatives, such as setting up and operating Internet infrastructure, convening AF ISOC chapter, and AF Internet governance school.”


Tuesday 16 November, at 2 PM ET
Zoom Link:

  • Mujibullah Shams – IT Expert, Member of NITPAA (National IT Professionals Association of Afghanistan)
  • Mohibullah Utmankhil – Assistant Professor. Kabul Polytechnic University, NITPAA President, Internet Governance Activist
  • Farzaneh Badii – Founder at Digital Medusa
  • Mehdi J. Hakimi – Executive Director of the Rule of Law Program at Stanford Law School
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