The Internet Is Calling Out Chrissy Teigen’s ‘Tone Deaf’ Squid Game-Themed Party

Chrissy Teigen is facing backlash on social media after throwing a Squid Game-themed party with her celebrity friends – with fans quick to call out a perceived lack of self-awareness.

The criticism has stemmed from her posting a carousel of images on Instagram with her friends dressed up as characters from the show and imitating some of the violent games. Teigen’s celebrity guests included Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell and Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson, amongst others.

In the caption to her Insta post, she wrote: ‘My dream came true of watching my friends fight to the death! dunk tank, musical chairs, hide and seek followed by a very riveting final game of pin the tail on the donkey.’

Squid Games, Netflix’s South Korean smash-hit, centres a dystopian world where players participate in violent and deadly children’s games in a desperate pursuit of a cash prize. The winner of Chrissy’s Squid Games re-enactment, however, won a flight to Napa, California, and dinner for two at fine dining restaurant French Laundry – with her post showing the winner dancing in front of a huge cheque while confetti rains down from the ceiling.

Instagram users immediately dubbed her celebrations out-of-touch. One user commented, ‘This is so beyond tone deaf as a millionaire to invite your rich friends over and re-enact squid games which is rooted in the violence of capitalism.’

Another said,’ I .. think you missed the point of the show – Complete lack of self-awareness.’

‘ I love this … but I’m also getting rich white men watching the glass bridge vibes,’ a fan added.

Shortly after, the criticism also appeared on Twitter.

However, not everyone agreed that Teigen’s party crossed a line. One user tweeted, ‘Hey @chrissyteigen not everyone wants to hate on you for having fun and throwing a party! pretty sure LOTS of people threw squid game parties and dressed up for Halloween…keep your head up girl!’

Another commented, ‘Coolest party ever 100%.’

What’s easier to agree on is that Teigen and her husband John Legend certainly went all out for the celebrations, with their whole house converted to look like the Squid Game building. Teigen dressed up as the show’s deadly ‘red light, green light’ doll, where her husband wore an animal mask and robe to play a VIP.

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