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New Delhi: Snakes carry the charm of being majestic and menacing at the same time. The Indian forests harbour many such diverse varieties of animals. As the age of digital connectivity has brought the world closer, animal videos have become a sensation in such times. 

A chilling image of three cobras in Maharashtra has stumped the netizens. Shared by IFS officer Susanta Nanda on Twitter, the picture shows three cobras wrapped around a bark in Harisal forest in Amravati district. 

As per NDTV report, these pictures were first shared on a Facebook group named Indian Wildlife and were reportedly taken after the snakes were rescued and released into the aforementioned forest. IFS officer Nanda who shared one of the pictures, tweeted on November 16, “Blessings… When three cobras bless you at the same time.” 

Have a look at the image:

The tweet soon went viral and has garnered 3.6k likes and 352 retweets. 

The netizens were left amazed at the sight, leading to one user commenting, “Khoobsurati magar door se – paas me sirf paseena ayega darr se.” While another wrote, “Wow! They are simply beautiful yet intense and fierce, almost divine!” One user was not so sure about the picture and asked, “This has got to be staged, no?”

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