Toolkit Hack Webcam, Phishing in Python

TgaHacking is a toolkit that synthesizes the famous Hack Tool in Python with basic features such as getting IP information, taking Webcam images, or Phishing attacks. You only need to download this 1 tool, then you will have 8 built-in tools

TgaHacking – Toolkit for Hacking Webcam, Phishing in Python

TgaHacking is not a Hack tool but a combination of Hack Tool into a single Tool. When you choose a function, the Tool will download the corresponding Hack tool. This is like the Tool-X tool we used to use in the past. Especially TgaHacking can be used on Android with the Termux tool. This tool works well on:

  • Android (Using Termux App)
  • Linux (Debian-based system)
  • Unix

To use TgaHacking, you need to download it from github with the following command:

pkg install git

git clone

cd TgaHacking

chmod +x TgaHacking


After running, you will see the Main Menu appear corresponding to 8 tools:

TgaHacking - Hack Webcam, Phishing Toolkit in Python 7

If you want to choose Webcam Hack function, then choose number 2. Then Tool will automatically download CamPhish.

In the first time, Tool will download Ngrok, so it takes a little while. If you want fast then press Ctrl + CORE Exit and use the following command:

cd Tools/CamPhish/



Then go back to the folder TgaHacking

cd ../

cd ../


Continue to enter the number 2 to select the Webcam Hack function. This is basically a source clone of Saycheese.

You choose the number first to use Ngrok NAT port.

Next choose the number 2 to switch the page to Youtube.

Import Video ID of Youtube so that when the victim clicks on the link, it will be transferred to Youtube to avoid suspicion.

hack webcams

Wait a while and you will see Direct link appear. Your task is to send this link to the victim waiting for them to click on the Camera permission so you can get the photos taken from their phone.

hack camera TgaHacking

There are also other features such as SMS bomber, Gmail Bomber using Spam messages Troll friends. Phishing Tool, you can discover it yourself, if you look at the Source, Phishing Tool will download the source of zphisher.

This tool is synthesized by the author for research, you should use it for learning purposes, do not abuse it to break the law.

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