Top 3 Websites that DevOps needs to know

Development and Operations or DevOps is a set of actions that emphasizes the cooperation and communication of programmers and IT professionals in the principles, practices, processes, and tools for automation. programming and software delivery. But to do 1 DevOps is very difficult because they require you to know Python, Ruby, Lua Scripting or some specific software when working with some organizations. But the path to becoming DevOps will be easier if you know the 3 websites that I will show you in this article.

The benefits of DevOps

So what are the benefits of being DevOps? Here are the benefits you will get:

  • Enhances close collaboration between development and operations teams, as well as the ability to work with multiple teams together.
  • Increase product release efficiency, reduce product development and improvement time
  • Automation is a top priority, limiting unnecessary risks
  • Faster product recovery time.

So why not become a DevOps? Then I will tell you the websites that you will need on your way to success!

Websites that a DevOps cannot do without – Website for instructions on setting up a server

Do you need to setup a server? Are you familiar with Windows Server setup but you don’t know how to setup Server for Linux? Don’t worry, there’s This website will synthesize instructions to install everything necessary for the server such as webserver, database, network system, proxy or even security for your server. Not only that, this website also categorizes different operating systems such as Windows and Linux.

When you work with the server, you will no longer be bored when the config keeps failing or the Webserver cannot be installed for your server forever. What they guide includes:

  • System Configuration
  • NTP / SSH for server
  • DNS / DHCP server
  • Server hosting
  • Improved server interface
  • Container Platform
  • Cloud system
  • Directory server
  • Webserver
  • Database
  • And many more things – Config SSL

For those of you who work a lot with SSL, this website is indispensable for you. With, you have config for the network system, database. All types of databases and versions of SSL. Here are the server software they support config

  • Apache
  • Caddy
  • Dovecot
  • Exim
  • Go
  • HAProxy
  • Jetty
  • lighttpd
  • MySQL
  • nginx
  • Oracle HTTP
  • Postfix
  • PostgreSQL
  • ProFTPD
  • Redis
  • Tomcat
  • Traefik – Website to support DevOps

Do you have a desire to do DevOps but find it difficult? Don’t know anything about DevOps? is actually a blog sharing the experiences of DevOps who have worked. Here you can find their views on the industry or whether by 2022, DevOps will still be a famous industry. You can find a lot of useful things here.

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