Townwide Fiber Optic Internet Service Could Come To Falmouth

FALMOUTH, MA — Internet service could be getting a major boost in Falmouth.

FalmouthNet, Inc. and Tilson on Monday signed a contract for Tilson to creating an engineering design for town-wide fiber optic internet access. A spokesperson for FalmouthNet said the network would serve every home and business in Falmouth with reliable, affordable and upgradeable internet connections.

The Massachusetts state budget is paying for the design of the project and was advocated for in the Legislature by state Sen. Susan Moran, and state reps. David Vieira and Dylan Fernandes.

“Supporting the success of FalmouthNet so that we can bring high-quality fiber optic internet access to Falmouth has been one of my top priorities, and I am proud to have been able to secure $150,000 in direct funding for the project,” Moran said in a statement. “The beginning of work on FalmouthNet’s engineering design marks a major milestone for both the project and our community. It is a promising start to a major investment in the future of Falmouth.”

Work on the engineering design began immediately. The final report, due on Jan. 21, 2022, will provide details needed to apply for federal and state funds that may be available for network construction in 2022. Private lenders and investors may also be necessary, meaning a municipal bond could be an option in Falmouth Town Meeting voters desire.

The engineering design includes a fiber routing plan, an assessment of available technologies, an assessment of construction methodologies, generation of an equipment list, field work to validate construction parameters and a detailed construction cost estimate.

“This announcement of the engineering phase of FalmouthNet is a major step forward for a future reliable high-speed network in Falmouth,” Vieira said. “We saw firsthand the limitations of current internet options when many businesses and our schools had to go remote during the height of the pandemic.”


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