Using ZoomEye Hack Camera is vulnerable to CVE-2018-9995

As in the previous article, I introduced ZoomEye – a search engine for Hackers. Zoomeye is similar to Shodan but developed for the Chinese market. This is a search engine that just needs to enter an IP or a keyword, the results will show: open ports, related services, geographical location… Today we will try to practice using ZoomEye to find the items. Camera is vulnerable to CVE-2018-9995 and access to view that Camera.

Find Cameras with CVE-2018-9995 Vulnerability Using ZoomEye

This is a security vulnerability discovered in 2018 related to Camera DVR recorders. With just a single command line, you can view the unencrypted Camera login account. Currently in the world there are many Camera receivers that have not been patched with this version, and we can easily find them using the ZoomEye tool.

Now we will practice with the ZoomEye search tool to find the camera with vulnerability CVE-2018-9995.

Open the ZoomEye page and type login.rsp to find IPs associated with this keyword.

zoomeye hack camera

The result will be a list of IP addresses, click on the black arrow to access those addresses.

How to use zoomeye?

For example we find the IP: Now I will exploit the vulnerability to find the user/password to log into this Camera.

Using the Curl . command

Use the syntax:

curl "http://IP:Port/device.rsp?opt=user&cmd=list" -H "Cookie: uid=admin"

Open CMD and use the following command:

curl "" -H "Cookie: uid=admin"

hack camera CVE-2018-9995

There are results: UID: is the username, and pwd: is the password.

You open the browser Internet Explorer Go up, access the hacked IP camera to log in to the camera driver. Mind Enable ActiveX Please browse to see the image.

Exercise: Using ZoomEye Hack Camera vulnerable to CVE-2018-9995 10

And this is the Camera of a certain store, in Korea.

zoomeye camera

This is a python tool used to find the username/password of vulnerable cameras CVE-2018-9995. Therefore, it is required that you have Python installed on your computer. This tool can work on Windows.

First you download Tool getDVR_Credentials. Extract to C: drive, open CMD to access the decompression path:

cd C:CVE-2018-9995_dvr_credentials-dev_tool

pip install -r requirements

python --host IP --port Port // IP and Port of Camera.

For the above example, we will type the command

python --host --port 9000

And this is the result:

hack camera CVE-2018-9995

How to fix vulnerability CVE-2018-9995: Change the login account and update the Camera to the latest Firmware.

When you find that the camera is vulnerable, try to notify the owner so they can contact a technician to handle it.

Although considered a “hacker-friendly” search engine, ZoomEye is not designed to initiate attacks on network devices or websites. The recorded data is for security research only. And this article is mainly for research purposes, please do not use it to break the law.

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