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Uganda’s oldest communication company –UTL (Uganda Telecom) is finally coming to the internet age for home internet and has introduced 6 new bundles. The telecom company is branding these new bundles as unlimited and uncapped using fiber and wireless connectivity solutions.

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Uganda telecom joins Roke Telkom, MTN Uganda, Airtel Uganda, and Zuku in providing home internet solutions in this day and age where the internet is essential in homes for video streaming, gaming, and working.

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Here are UTL’s bundle pricing details below. It should be noted that the cost of installation has not yet been specified. In comparison, MTN charges UGX 100,000 provided you leave near a current MTN fiber line.

Bundle Cost (UGX)
1 Mbps 134,000
2 Mbps 168,000
3 Mbps 224,000
4 Mbps 460,000
5 Mbps 670,000
10 Mbps 1,340,000

Dedicated Internet solutions offer a fixed Internet service that delivers high bandwidth and high speed. Internet for your business over fiber, or Ethernet meaning you don’t share your bandwidth with anyone else. With this service, most telecom giant guarantees reliable, 24/7 direct connectivity to the internet, tailor-made to suit a person’s specific requirements. It is a good solution for home and business use and enables you to stream anything you want at any time.

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The dedicated internet that UTL is offering is meant to be reliable and not shared like the 3G or 4G internet you received on your mobile device. UTL’s unlimited Dedicated Internet offers;

  • Symmetrical bandwidth capacities (same capacity on uplink and downlink)
  • Unlimited data volume depending which bundle you subscribe for.

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