Vouchercloud:York internet ranked among best in the country

INTERNET connection in York is among the best in the country.

That’s according to research from shopping discount website Vouchercloud who have found the city is is one of the best in England for access to a decent internet connection.

They divided the country into 122 regions based on location, having noted that slow internet connectivity is becoming an increasingly problematic issue.

Vouchercloud found that, on average, a Briton is likely to spend around 59 hours a week online, and as such, they felt that they should find which area of the country has the best broadband by value and strength.

They found that York ranked third in the entire country for value, and second for broadband strength. For each pound paid, York citizens get 4.64 megabits per second (mbps).

As for broadband strength, York comes in at second with an impressive 147.08 mbps.

Of the top ten cities Vouchercloud found, only four were in the north of the country.

The research proves that York is one of the best places to be in the country for internet connectivity, especially at a time where working from home is becoming increasingly prevalent.


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