BOERNE, TX – A local family thought they would never see their dog Marly again. After an exhausting quest to find their pet, they lost hope. However, thanks to a local website, which has recently received national attention, they were able to reunite.

“She was my first baby,” said Grace Chance.

Chance first became a mommy when she got Marly, a chocolate lab. Then her family grew.

“She’s been with the children as long they had her ever since they were born,” said Chance.

So it hit the family hard when 16 year old Marly went missing in April of last year.

“She’s always come back,” she said.

However, after countless flyers, trips to shelters, local vets, nothing turned up.

“It was very heart breaking I cried quite a bit tried to be strong for the kids,” she said.

Then 6-and-a-half weeks later they received an unexpected call. As it turns out, a woman found Marly in a ditch when she first disappeared.

Family uses new website to find dog

“She had a cut paw all the way through she was bleeding,” she said.

The new family cared for her all this time and searched daily for the chocolate lab’s owners.

“She knew to go to,” she said.

As luck would have it, both families used a local website called, On the website pet owners can post flyers of their missing pets and those who find lost pets can do the same. It was on where the new family saw the missing flyer for a chocolate lab called Marly.

“They called her name and she perked up and were like wow we found the owner,” she said.

Marly couldn’t be happier but it seems her family felt the most joy. The Chance Family credits the local website for their reunion but they’re even more thankful for the woman who didn’t hesitate to help Marly.

“It just shows you that there are some good people,” she said.

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