A new Microsoft program circulating under the #howoldrobot hashtag is attempting to guess your age based on a photograph. It uses the company’s newly released Face detection API through a webpage called How-old.net.

So, we went to site and tried out some guesses.

It said President Obama was 58. He’s actually 53. What’s five years, right?

When a photo of Britney Spears was added, the website reported, “Couldn’t detect any faces.” Perhaps the singer is timeless and invisible.

The website said it couldn’t detect Britney Spears’ face. (Photo: How-Old.net screenshot)

And as far as Jameis Winston is concerned, the website puts him at 52!

The 21-year-old was just selected by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the top pick of the NFL draft. Awkward.

But they put Kim Kardashian at 33, which is off only by one year. She’s 34. Kim might have wished that they recognized her as younger. Sorry, Kim.

Kim Kardashian is actually 34. (Photo: How-Old.net screenshot)

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