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WORM is a rather strange term for even longtime AWS users. This technique is not difficult but it is probably because it has not been used effectively. Hopefully, through this article, you will have an idea about using WORM for your system solutions on the Cloud.

WORM stands for WRITE ONCE READ MANY which means allow write once and read many times. It is also possible to attach a policy called policy for how long it will not change or delete an object in S3, called immutable.

S3 Object Lock allows WORM to be configured to block delete and edit actions during configuration time.

Glacier Vault Lock is similar but happens in Amazon S3 Glacier storage class allows you to apply vault lock policies that do not allow data to be deleted or modified for a period of say 10 years.

The use of WORM makes sense in terms of protecting data with compliance in compliance with highly secure storage policies.

Common use case: Data saved to Glacier needs to be left for 10 years, during which time it can be retrieved, read or re-analyzed, but cannot edit or delete that data.

If you have used WORM in the solution, please share more.

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