YASSification Is The Biggest Trend Sweeping The Internet

As someone who is extremely online, it means I am constantly up to date with viral trends across all platforms. Instagram, TikTok, Twitter – you name it. I live on the Internet.

One of the latest social media phenomenons to sweep twitter has become an instant favorite. It is simple, it is fun, and most importantly, its yassified.

What started as a meme turning a screenshot of a screaming Toni Collete from A24 horror film Hereditary into a Instagram-ready baddie is now sweeping the internet. It was the catalyst that but a new name to the “glow-up.” Twitter account @yassifybot, which – you guessed it – yassifies pictures of celebrities and characters using an application called Faceapp, has already amassed over 80,000 followers.

The beauty with this internet trend is that everyone can be yassified. It’s basically a glow-up, a transformation that would make most people go “yassss,” which is why it is proof that we are living at the peak of the Internet.

No one is safe from yassification. @Yassifybot has transformed everyone from Tom Holland, to Dobby from the Harry Potter films, and even Jesus. So I bet you’re all asking, can anything be yassified? The answer is yes.

To achieve full yassification, users can edit and filter their skin to perfection using Faceapp – an app literally built to filter out every single flaw. The app can even alter your entire look, show what you look like as different genders, as a baby, and more. Looking past the fun phenomenon of yassification, it is a scary reflection of where our current societal beauty standards lie and how much we see in the media is fake.

If we’re in need of apps such as Faceapp, as well as Facetune, where your whole face can look picture-perfect in just a few seconds, how will we ever be able to tell when something isn’t natural? If all the images we’re being served on the daily are always edited and filtered to perfection, how will we ever be comfortable with reality?

Filtered photos are nothing new. With Instagram, most of the photos we see have been altered in one way or another, and are frequently shot with perfect lighting, the best cameras, and using good angles. It’s impossible to always look like the photos we see, but our brains just can’t seem to comprehend that.

It is a quite dark reality that we’re living in, and the vitality of yassification is a nice break. It is showcasing the extremity of these apps, and how much they can alter someone’s appearance, and that’s why they’re so much fun.

In honor of my favourite social media trend this year, I’ve compiled some of the best yassifications here.

If you want to make your own, they can be made using Faceapp. But you need to pay for it, but I guess its a good investment. Thank us later.


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