Chrome OS gets initial Word and Excel editing

Well, would we demeanour during that… Chrome OS can now revise Microsoft Office files all by itself! The stars have finally aligned and Chromebook users will shortly be means to some-more than usually perspective these papers either they’re online or offline.

It’s all been done probable by QuickOffice, that Google acquired behind in a summer of 2012. With a able Android capability apartment in a behind pocket, a association began operative on bringing a same knowledge to Chrome OS.

Right now, QuickOffice modifying is limited to a Chrome OS Dev channel. It’s also dark behind a flag, so clearly Google doesn’t consider it’s prepared for widespread contrast usually yet. Still, if we wish to take an early look it usually takes a few stairs to enable.

First, you’ll need to change your Chrome OS channel on chrome://help to Developer. If we don’t see a dropdown, click a some-more info link. You might afterwards need to update, reboot, and record behind in.

After that, go to chrome://flags and find “office.” Hit enter until you’re on a “enable request editing” dwindle and click enable. One some-more reboot and you’re good to go.

What can we design from QuickOffice on Chrome OS? A really singular experience. While we can revise word documents, functionality is most closer to, say, pre-Windows 7 Wordpad than it is to Microsoft Word. There are no modernized formatting or proofreading collection yet. You’ve got dual fonts to select from and a basics: bold, italic, underline, justification, and bulleted or numbered lists.

Spreadsheet modifying is likewise limited. You can format to your heart’s content, though don’t design to penetrate in any formidable formulas or lookup fields.

It’s good to see this functionality holding figure on Chrome OS, though we can’t assistance meditative that Chromebook Pixel owners would have favourite their $1300 laptops to come with QuickOffice modifying from day one. But hey, during slightest it’s coming soon now.

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